Are Engagement Photoshoots Worth It?

If you are newly engaged, then I’m sure you are looking forward to a fun and creative wedding planning journey ahead of you, and one of the first decisions you will face is whether or not to have an engagement photoshoot. 

You might be asking if it’s worth it and what the benefits are? I’ve been chatting to some of the wedding Industry’s best wedding photographers to share exclusive insights about what happens during engagement photoshoots and why they are recommended to have one. 

Adam from Adam Joe Roberts Photography

“An engagement photoshoot allows the bride and groom to get comfortable in front of the camera, which helps to build rapport with the photographer and results in beautiful, candid moments that can be used for wedding invitations or décor. It’s also a great way to capture the couple’s unique personality and style before the big day.”

Adam tells us that the precious time together with your photographer is invaluable in getting you to feel comfortable in front of the camera. By meeting your photographer before your wedding day, it completely transforms the wedding day photography experience from potentially stressful to genuinely enjoyable.

Adam from Adam Hudson Photography

“Pre-wedding shoots give us the perfect opportunity to get to know each other a little better before the big day comes around. It allows you both to understand a little more about how I work and allows you to become more comfortable in front of the camera. Most couples don’t really enjoy having their photo taken, so that when your wedding day comes around you will feel completely at ease with your photographer. Your photographer is probably the person you’ll spend the most amount of time with on your wedding day. I always encourage my couples to make sure they pick someone who can obviously deliver the images that they love but also that they like having around them.”

We love that Adam highlights the importance of choosing a photographer that you genuinely like and that your personalities match as you will be spending 8-10 hours with them on your big day! 

“In terms of the pre-shoot itself, I normally advise to pick somewhere which is special to you both (maybe where you proposed), somewhere you might go walking or spend time together. I’ve shot from mountain walks in the Lake District to shooting in the local coffee shop around the corner from my couples house. It should really reflect you as a couple. The alternative is that if you have selected somewhere in the countryside to get married, some couples want to flip that on its head and shoot in an urban environment to get some really authentic images which will be totally different from what they’ll get from their wedding day.”

Deciding on a beautiful location is key to a successful engagement shoot, and it can be anywhere that you love! 

Louise Griffin Photography

“I feel like engagement shoots are a lovely way for us to get to know each other. It’s so nice to rock up to a wedding and feel like we are already friends. It’s so important to me that we get along and both you and your families can feel relaxed around me. I don’t want to be just another supplier at your wedding, I want to be your friend.” 

You will be surrounded by many wedding suppliers on your big day, so knowing that one of them will be there to support you, joke with you and chat about anything is such a nice thing to have!

Louise Cuppello from The Bride Tribe Photographer

“Engagement shoots are great fun and as a photographer I would always encourage a neutral backdrop, such as a beach around golden hour or a chic city centre vibe. Neutral clothing or even a cool pre-wed wedding attire will create fab photos as well as working closely with your photographer to create a moodboard of inspiration from somewhere like Pinterest.”

We love Louise’s great tip about creating a moodboard for the style and aesthetic you want for your engagement shoot so you get the best possible photos. It also helps you to connect with a photographer that specialises in the types of aesthetics and styles of photos you are looking to capture. 

“Lastly, if you’re having an engagement photoshoot because you’re nervous about working with a photographer, there is no need to feel anxious. A professional wedding photographer will take care of you during your day and gently direct you to get the best versions of your love on camera. If you’ve decided to have a pre-wedding shoot, have it for all the right reasons and bring all the vibes with you!”

So is it worth it?

In our opinion, and from talking to these wonderful wedding photographers – it’s a yes from us! Engagement photoshoots are more than just getting a few snaps before your wedding day. They are an opportunity to meet your photographer, try out poses that work for you before the big day and make sure your personalities align before hiring them for your wedding. 

Your pre-wedding shoot will calm your nerves about being in front of the camera and having everyone’s attention on you and give you the opportunity to get some fabulous photos that you can use on your wedding invites. So have some fun, listen to the directions from your photographer enjoy having some romantic couple photos with your new fiance. 

For more wedding planning tips and advice, read more of our blogs here. 

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